Why blogging

Hello friends!

my name is Ai, mom of 2 kids(0 year old girl and 2yr10months old boy).

Why Blogging?

Currently, I am on a maternity leave until April, 2022. My worries are money while I need to take care of kids.

My job does not pay well, though I work full-time.

Therefore, I decided to take an English exam called "Eiken(Test in Practical English Proficiency) which is English testing program in Japan.

I am planning to take 1st grade(highest level of this testing program.

My weak points of English are vocabularies and writing, so I searched what is a good way to get better for these weak points.

Many articles on blogs show that it is good to write a diary in a target language you learn.

But in my family with kids

Paper = messed up by kids and pieces are everywhere

So blogging would be fit in my lifestyle I suppose. My English is not good so feel free to correcty English!

Here's my profile

Name: Ai (means "love" in Japanese).

Age: born in 1987

Nationality: Japanese

Family: French husband, son (2018), daughter (2021)

Hobbies: Languages, Books, Blogging, Ballet Beautiful, Décor (looking in books), etc

I don't know how to make time to study but I will manage somehow.

In this blog, I will write mostly about studying and workout log + kids and money.

After the exam, I am planning to study German, Spanish, French and Japanese to teach.

Since I was 20yrs-old, I love learning any languages' Grammar.

However, I got bored easily.

So I decided to learn the languages little by little for long time.

I wish to make study friends worldwide using this blog :)

Good night😪💤💤

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